Get Involved - Leave a Legacy

Saying a final goodbye is never easy. But if your final goodbye can make such a big difference for many families and communities in need, it will have a positive impact you can be proud of.

One of the vital ways you can help support our work is by choosing to include a gift in your will. We understand that when it comes to your will, you’ll want to remember friends and family first, but you can also remember causes close to you, like St John Ambulance.

Leaving a gift in your will is easy. Even a small percentage or part of your estate or shares can be a huge contribution. You can also leave a fixed sum to St John, next to your loved ones, or a precious item like jewellery. And it is tax effective, too, since your gift is exempt from inheritance tax.

Please visit your solicitor to update your will, before letting us know that you included us in your legacy.

Updated: January 2024