Ambulance Service

St John Ambulance operates the national emergency ambulance service on behalf of the government. So far this year, we've had the following impact:

  • 3,701 Patients

  • 16,212 Hours Worked

    Hours Worked
  • 51,814Distance Travelled

    Distance Travelled
  • 46,320111 Calls

    111 Calls

    Urgent advice: Call an ambulance if the patient:

    • has chest pain
    • has shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • has lost consciousness or is unresponsive
    • appears to be having a stroke
    • is having a seizure
    • is bleeding uncontrollably
    • is having a severe allergic reaction
    • has severe burns
    • has swallowed something poisonous
    • is delivering a baby or having pregnancy problems
    • has thoughts of harming themselves or others

    Calling advice: You'll be asked the following questions:

    • what is the exact location of the emergency? Street, cross reference or landmark.
    • what is your phone number and name?
    • what is the problem? What exactly happened?
    • how many people are hurt?
    • how old is the person?
    • is the person male or female?

Updated: January 2023